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    Committee Meeting Dates 2021-2022:

    Monday, 10/4/2021 (3:30-4:30) In-Person (Community Room)
    Monday, 12/13/2021 (3:30-4:30) Virtual
    Monday, 2/7/2022 (3:30-4:30) In-Person (Community Room)
    Monday, 4/4/2022 (3:30-4:30) Virtual


Health, Wellness, Safety and Sustainability Steering Committee

  • Committee Chairperson(s): Deborah O’Connell & John Griffiths

    Committee Charge: The primary function of the CHUFSD HWSS Steering Committee is to participate in a planning process by collaborating with liaisons/members from other committees to further the work of each committee, communicate the purpose and work of each committee and help formulate recommendations for consideration of the Administrative Council and/or Board of Education.

    The Steering Committee will:

    • Learn and review the charge and work of each committee
    • Engage in thoughtful discussions about each committee’s work
    • Help formulate recommendations and provide strategic direction for the work of each committee
    • Provide a forum to communicate the important work of each committee by helping to synthesize, integrate and effectively communicate ideas generated by committees
    • Ensure that the work of each committee aligns with its charge and further aligns with the district’s strategic coherence plan
    • Look for connections and ways to support each committee

    2021-2022 Committee Members

    Sarah Carrier
    Joshua Diamond
    Andrea Furey
    Denise Harrington-Cohen
    Paul Gibbons
    Lindsay Mergens
    Stephanie Mui
    Matthew Rubenstein
    Maria Slippen
    Laura Dubak
    Michael Plotkin
    Kerri Bianchi
    Lauren Scollins
    Karen Gatto
    Carrie Sena
    Jackie Burton
    Laurie Dean
    Mark Maxam
    *Deborah O'Connell*
    *John Griffiths*
    Joseph Bernardi
    DJ Goldman
    Craig Campanaro
    Jerrod Blair