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    Committee Meeting Dates 2021-2022:

    Last Thursday of each month (7 pm)

    August 26
    September 30
    October 28
    December 16
    January 27
    March 31
    April 28
    May 26


Athletic Advisory Committee

  • Committee Charge: The charge of the Athletic Advisory Committee is for the athletic department to share information with the community and for the community to give feedback to the athletic department.  This feedback includes an objective review of the recommendations from the 2020-2021 Athletic Study Council which examined all aspects of the present athletic program to determine alignment with standards of excellence and “best practice” in the delivery of an educationally-based athletics program.  The committee should have broad representation from all constituents to guarantee a wide range of community involvement in its charge to provide and operationalize recommendations.

    2021-2022 Committee Members

    Benjamin Abbatiello
    Joseph Barillaro
    Jacqueline Brabants
    John Brijeski
    Iris Bugliosi
    Jeffrey Carney
    Patrick DeLasho
    Lauren Dillon
    Ellie Fredman
    *DJ Goldman*
    Andy Gould
    Paige Jones
    Mary Obermeier
    Steve Palencsar
    Michael Plotkin
    Alejandro Rosales
    John Sarcone
    Adam Schmidt
    Andrew Shapley
    Juliet Skrelja
    Maria Slippen
    Joseph Streany
    Ana Teague
    Johnnie Walker
    Marissa Warren