About K12 Alerts

  • Croton-Harmon UFSD maintains a portal through K12 Alerts® where we store your family household information so that we can send you the most up to date information from the district.  Each year, we ask that you log in to review and update your family information.  Please complete each section in its entirety.  If you are not able to update certain areas, or have forgotten your Family ID and/or password, contact Denise Cuomo at 914 271-4793.  In the event your household does not have internet access, you may contact Denise to make arrangements to have your child's information reviewed and updated for you.
    Please note that K12 Alerts®, in addition to providing our families with updates, is also our emergency messaging platform. The system enables administrators to send out announcements and attendance calls to our community.  Most messages of this type are sent to both your email and cell phone accounts.  When you register for K12 Alerts, you will provide the district with your latest contact information to ensure that you receive all our messages.
    **Be sure to include K12alerts@chufsd.org in your email address book so that you don't miss out on any of our notifications.**