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Budget Press Release

Croton-Harmon Union Free School District’s
2024-25 Budget and Propositions Approved by Voters
CROTON-ON-HUDSON, NY, May 21, 2024 -- The Croton-Harmon Union Free School District announced today that the 2024-25 budget presented to the community was approved by a significant margin with 522 YES votes and 92 NO votes. The budget of $58,798,307 is within the allowable tax cap levy with an increase of 2.14%. The community also approved each of the ballot propositions:

  • A Vehicle Proposition for the purchase of four (4) vehicles and one (1) vehicle repair and maintenance lift using existing funds and reserves with no impact on taxes and no additional debt incurred.
  • A Repair Reserve Fund Proposition for a $250,000 deposit into the Repair Reserve Fund from the 2023-2024 unassigned fund balance for repairs of capital improvements or equipment.
  • A Proposition for the Croton Free Library in the amount of $962,222

Superintendent Stephen Walker expressed his appreciation for the community’s support of the school district’s budget and propositions, as well as its collaboration in creating the district’s direction and approach to education.

“This year we presented the community with an operating budget that continues to fulfill our long-term vision for What Schools Can Be,” said Superintendent Stephen Walker. “We are committed to cultivating a culture of well-being for all Tigers, and will continue to create schools that place passion, curiosity, and inspiration at the center of what we do.”

We are also pleased to announce that voters chose the two trustees on the ballot, each of whom will serve a three-year term. They are Omar Mayyasi and Ana Teague.

On behalf of the CHUFSD Board of Education, President Sarah Carrier expressed her gratitude to the community for participating in the budget process and for taking the time to vote. Ms. Carrier said, “We know that one of the reasons our school district thrives is because of the ongoing partnership and collaboration with the community. Thank you for your support of the 2024-25 school district budget and for making our schools such special places for all of our students to find joy in learning.”

NOTE: Results remain unofficial until all votes are verified.