Technology Department

  • Welcome to the Croton-Harmon School District Technology Website.

    The Croton School District is committed to providing our students with all the tools necessary to become active participants in their own learning.

    We strive to create an environment where “all Croton-Harmon students will develop the habits of mind and social skills to become lifelong learners, able to contribute to the well-being of society.” Our technology infrastructure is designed to support this vision.

    The Croton-Harmon School District has deployed high speed wireless access in each building to make technology accessible anytime, anywhere on any campus. Each of our schools is equipped with multiple computers in the classrooms, library labs, desktop computer labs, mobile laptop carts, SMARTBoards in the classrooms and Document Cameras. We also have students using iPods, iPads, kindles and Smart Phones in classrooms throughout the district.

    Technology is integrated into quality learning experiences and students are using a variety of real-world authentic resources throughout the curriculum. We offer a wealth of data-base resources, web resources and installed programs to help support our teachers and students. We are committed to educating all of our students with the tools necessary to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in the 21st century.