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Hiring Process CHHS Principal

  • **Tentative Schedule (subject to change)**

    1. Posting and Handling of Resumes: December 2018
      The District Office will issue the posting and advertise the position as needed on the Online Application System (OLAS).

    2. Community Input: January 3-11
      The District Office will seek input from throughout the CHHS Community via a survey to help identify the leadership qualities and experiences that are most valued by our educational community. 

    3. Screening of Applications: January 3-28
      Central office administrator(s) will screen applications on OLAS and select candidates for initial screening interviews.

      Central office administrator(s) and a building-level administrator will conduct screening interviews.

    4. Committee Interview: January 30
      Interview committee comprised of: administrator(s), teachers, staff, parents, board of education member(s), and students will conduct interviews and provide written feedback to the central office administration regarding each of the four remaining candidates.

      Two finalists are selected.

    5. Reference Checks: January 31 – February 4
      Central office administrator(s) will complete 3 reference checks on the two finalists.

    6. Resolution: February/March 2019
      Two finalists will be interviewed by the board of education and a finalist will be identified by the board and superintendent in concert.

      ∙ The district office will notify unsuccessful finalists and other candidates that they were not selected for the position

      The district office will prepare a BOE resolution to appoint the candidate. (Candidate invited to attend BOE meeting)