Additional Activities

  • Breathing – With all breathing exercises, try to use a mindful This means to sit with your feet on the floor and back straight. Try to keep your shoulders and muscles relaxed. Each exercise should last at least two minutes.

    • “Wise Mind” Breathing – Wise mind refers to our state of mind that is a good balance of logic and emotion. On the in-breath repeat, “Wise,” and on the out-breath repeat, “Mind.”
    • 4-5-6 Breathing – Inhale on a 4-count, hold for 5, and exhale for The count may vary depending on the individual. The important piece is that the exhale in longer than the inhale.
    • Square Breathing – Imagine a square. Inhale for 4-count as you imagine going up one side. Follow the sides of the square as you hold, then exhale, then hold again before repeating the process on the second inhale.
    • Five – Finger Breathing – Have one hand open, palm facing Use your other hand to slowly trace it. Inhale as you go up one finger and exhale when you come down.

    Eating a chocolate of a mint- This activity with any piece of candy that you can eat slowly. First, observe the candy with your eyes. Notice the details in the wrapping. Use your ears to listen to the sound the wrapper makes as you open it. Use your nose to smell it before you put it in your mouth. Resist the urge to bite into the candy and instead, notice the taste and how it feels in your Focus on just the piece of candy until it is gone.

    Grounding – Look around Find five things you hear, name four things you could see, three things you could touch, two things you can smell, and one thing you could taste.

    Listen to a new song – Since you have never heard the song before, your mind will be less likely to go into auto-pilot when you are listening to it. Think about the rhythm, melody, instrumental arrangement, and changes in tone. See if you can pick out specific instruments that are being used. Listen to the lyrics of the song.

    Standing on one leg – Find a spot on the floor to hold your Stand on one leg for one minute. As you are in position, notice sensations in your body and urges you may have to move. Focus your attention on maintaining your balance.

    Categories – Think of a category (i.e. colors, animals, shapes, countries, ) and name as many things as you can that fit the category

    Visualization – Think of a happy place, it may be a place that brings good memories or it may be a place that you associate with relaxation. Slowly build a picture in your head of the place with your eyes closed. Describe it yourself in If it is room, what color are the walls? What does the ground feel like? What are some sounds you may hear at this place? Are there any other people there?

    Savor a scent – Smell something strong, like a citrus, perfume, or As you hold it up to your nose, let it fill your senses. Focus your attention to the smell.

    Affirmations – Think of five positive statements to say about yourself, your day, or your Repeat these affirmations.

    Body Scan- Working your way from your toes to the top of your head, notice sensations you feel in various parts of your body. Go in order from your toes, calves, knees, thighs, hips, back, stomach, chest, fingers, hands, shoulders, neck, face, and It may help to follow a guided body scan audio online (i.e. YouTube).