Can you go Screen-Free for a day?

  • The CHUFSD Health and Wellness Committee is giving you 24 fun reasons to take a break from digital entertainment and enjoy life beyond the screen.

    On Saturday, May 15, 2021, we are inviting our Croton-Harmon community to turn off their screens for 24 hours and take the Screen-Free Bingo Challenge. Our schools, families and community partners/organizations have come together to organize events designed to help everyone remain screen-free and connect with family, friends, nature, and the community in a safe and socially distant way.

    Are you ready for the Screen-Free Bingo Challenge? Here is how to participate! Use this link to check out some fun screen-free activities planned for May 15th. Prefer to create your own bingo board? You can fill in the blank one with screen-free activities you engaged in, too! We hope you join us in the challenge!


Bingo Board

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