• John Griffiths, Assistant Superintendent of Croton-Harmon Schools

    Mr. John Griffiths 
    Assistant Superintendent
    Croton-Harmon School District
    (Phone: 914-271-4713 x4203)

    Jacqueline Meyer
    Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

    Croton-Harmon School District
    (Phone: 914-271-4713 x4267)

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Curriculum Maps

    Here you will find the links to the Croton-Harmon School District ’s curriculum maps for each academic area grades K-12. These maps will communicate what students must know and be able to do at each grade level and course of study.

    Please know that curriculum mapping is an ongoing process that requires many interactions between and among district educators.

    View the Croton-Harmon Curriculum Maps

    Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

    The purpose of this Annual Professional Performance Review Plan (APPR) is to improve student achievement through improved teacher and leadership performance. It is our belief that the teacher and principal evaluation processes should be authentic and reflect the real work of teachers and principals. The processes should promote reflection and improve our craft, practice, and ultimately student achievement. Each APPR is based on professional trust and collaboration. The processes recognize the complexities of good teaching and good leadership as well as the value of good professional practice. Finally, each APPR encourages multiple forms of assessment in documenting competency and growth. Please click on the links to access the following resources:

    Croton-Harmon APPR Approved Plan 3012-d