• Wellness and Nutrition Symbols in Colored Circles - Meditation, Sleep, Apple, Body, Heart

School Lunch Committee

  • Upcoming 2019-2020 Meetings:
    Oct. 28th (7:30 pm @CHHS Cafe), Feb. 24th & June 1st (6:30 pm @CHHS Community Room)

    Committee Charge: To ensure that every child has access to a quality lunch every day, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

    Members (*Liaison*)

    *4 Participants Student
    Alison Rhoades Faculty/Staff
    Deborah O'Connell Faculty/Staff
    Jacquie Meyer Faculty/Staff
    Kerri Bianchi Faculty/Staff
    *Mark Maxam* Faculty/Staff
    *Michael Plotkin* Faculty/Staff
    Paul Gibbons Faculty/Staff
    ToniRose DeLuca Faculty/Staff
    Heather M. Bigley Consultant
    Jackie Burton Consultant
    B Celente Community/Parent
    Deborah Hayn Community/Parent
    Adora Lam Community/Parent
    Aidan Lally Community/Parent
    Aron Honig Community/Parent
    Dawn Hope Community/Parent
    Elizabeth Hiller Community/Parent
    Eric Korn Community/Parent
    Hannellie Kratchman Community/Parent
    Janet Kraybill Community/Parent
    Joanna Straub Community/Parent
    Jud Ramaker Community/Parent
    Karen Moy Community/Parent
    Kristen Zamora Community/Parent
    Laura Labbate Community/Parent
    Lisa Moir Community/Parent
    Maria & Paul Rykowski Community/Parent
    Maria Slippen Community/Parent
    Melissa Katz Community/Parent
    Mike Grayeb Community/Parent
    Nancy Squire Community/Parent
    Paola Dalle Carbonare Community/Parent
    Rachel Wimpee Community/Parent
    Sarah Jacobson Community/Parent
    Todd Freebern Community/Parent
    Johnathan Zamora Community/Parent
    Ina Tsagarakis Community/Parent
    Brian Loges BoE Member
    Sarah Carrier BoE Member
    Armand Quadrini Artchitect
    Ofe Clarke Artchitect