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Information on the Lunch/Recess Program

  • Some things to note:

    • The lunch/recess period is 55 minutes. Students have about 20-25 minutes to eat and 30-35 minutes to play. Students go to recess before lunch.
    • Please label your child’s lunch bag and water bottle.
    • We have many children with severe food allergies. As a result, we have a No Share/No Trade policy. Please remind your child of the importance of this policy and why it exists. There is a nut free and dairy free table for students with severe allergies.
    • Children are expected to go outside weather permitting unless there is a specific medical or health concern. The school nurse should be informed of children who need to remain indoors for recess. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play including wearing appropriate footwear. Flipflops should not be worn to school.

    Reminder: Electronics (iPods, cell phones, etc…) are not permitted in school unless for an educational purpose as requested by a teacher. They should not be used on the school bus either.