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CET Career Fair
CET Career Fair (Banner)

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" That question is posed to children as early as preschool. Third-graders at CET had the opportunity to research different career opportunities and present their (current) career of choice to their peers and families. There were quite a few displays featuring professional athletes and actors/performers, but STEM careers were also very popular, and many students expressed an interest in working outdoors.

Third-grade teacher Ruth Sullivan shared that "Career Day allows students to explore the vast array of careers that they could explore and consider what appeals to them. They look beyond some of the more obvious and traditional careers and begin to understand the required skills and education, and if the work truly interests them. While our third graders certainly have many years ahead to make decisions, it's good for them to start thinking about this now."

Families were invited to visit the Career Fair and explore the students’ presentations this year. Serena’s mom, Angelise, was thrilled to be able to join. “I’m fascinated by the different career paths that students chose and I think it’s great to get children thinking about this now. It allows them to visualize themselves being successful and to say, ‘I can do this when I grow up!”