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CET Girls on the Run
CET Girls on the Run (Banner)

Who Runs the World? GIRLS.

Introducing Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School’s First-Ever Girls on the Run Team

For many, running is almost always more than sneakers hitting the pavement. It’s about physical and mental wellness and a greater sense of achievement. “Running makes me feel nothing can stop me,” shared third-grader Ruby, one of twenty members of CET’s inaugural Girls on the Run (GOTR) team.

The Girls on the Run nationwide program inspires girls to build confidence and other essential life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and physical activity. CET started its first season this month thanks to some parent volunteers, especially Sandy Richards, who brought the idea to the district. In addition to being a fitness expert who is passionate about bringing wellness to groups of girls and moms, she has also been volunteering with Girls on the Run for the last 6 years. 

Coach Sandy stressed the importance of providing girls with a “strong foundation in overall wellness and building relationships at a young age.” She was inspired by the overwhelming response she received for the program, explaining that “the team was filled in under two weeks.”

At their first practice, the girls and coaches (parent volunteers) took some time to set goals and get to know one another. The girls quickly shared expectations for their team including the golden rule, listening to their coaches, trying their best every day, and having a positive attitude. The girls then went on to give themselves GOTR nicknames: Crazy Claire, Marvelous Marilyn, and Jules the Jewels, to name a few. 

Afterward, a ball of yarn was thrown from teammate to teammate, to help everyone learn each other's names. By the end, the web of yarn created was a visual reminder of how they are connected as a team. 

The team will meet twice weekly for the next ten weeks to train for a 5K at Rockland State Park on November 19. The 5K marks the end of the program and is an opportunity to celebrate their achievements. It’s sure to be a life-changing experience for the team and we look forward to watching each girl finish with a smile on her face. As Coach Sandy explained, “It doesn't matter how you reach the finish line, as long as you make friends along the way.”