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CET Students Explore Music and Culture Around the World

CET Students Explore Music and Culture Around the World

Under the guidance of CET music teacher Marlena Horton, students have been taking a unique approach to learning about world cultures. In addition to exploring the music of their selected country, third-graders have also researched what makes each place unique and created presentations on their findings.

"We believe that music is a universal language that can bring people together," says Horton. "Through this project, we hope to expose our students to different cultures and help them appreciate the diversity." This sentiment will be reinforced at CET’s Cultural Night coming up on May 10.

The project began by spinning “the wheel of destiny” to randomly choose a continent and then students decided on their country. They worked in groups to research topics such as traditional music, animals, day-to-day life, traditions, and landmarks and created presentations on Google Slides, which students have spent considerable time learning how to use. They also performed traditional songs and dances specific to each country.

Mrs. Oles' third-grade class, for instance, learned about animals and flora native to China, such as the red panda and magnolias. They also discovered what Chinese children their age are interested in, especially famous athletes like Chinese Basketball star, Yao Ming.

The project culminated in a special presentation for parents, where students had the opportunity to showcase their hard work and newfound knowledge.

"We were amazed at how much the students were able to learn in such a short amount of time," says Horton. "Through this project, we hope to foster a love and appreciation for other cultures that will stay with our students for years to come."