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10 Gerstein Street
"Leslie's Lanes" Bowling Alley Opens at CET

CET has strikes to spare thanks to the new bowling program at "Leslie's Lanes!"

Last week, Suzanne Leslie turned the gymnasium into a midnight bowling-style alley complete with a disco ball given to her by her grandfather.

The new bowling unit is part of Ms. Leslie's Passion Project and provides all students in Kindergarten through fourth grade with the opportunity to bowl. Students learn the proper rules of visiting a bowling alley and the basics of bowling. By working together in groups of 4-5, students create and run a fully operational bowling lane. To learn every aspect of the game, and stay engaged throughout the class, students rotate through four positions: 

Position 1 - Bowler: Bowl 2 times (each time fill out the score sheet)

Position 2 - Coach: Watch the bowler and make sure they take 3 steps and don't pass the foul line. Cheer them on!

Position 3 - Pin Setter: Reset pins on the second roll (unless they get a strike on their first roll).

Position 4 - Ball Returner: Return the ball to the bowler after the second roll (if a strike is made, return the ball after the first roll).

Multiple students shared that they prefer bowling at "Leslie's Lanes" over a "regular" bowling alley. Who wouldn't? Friends, fancy lights, and their favorite phys ed teacher. Sounds right up any kid's alley ;)