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CHHS Students Receive New York State Seal of Biliteracy

CHHS Students Receive New York State Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to all the CHHS students who have achieved the New York State Seal of Biliteracy! Your hard work in mastering multiple languages exemplifies the importance of diversity and bilingualism in today’s global community.

The NYSSB celebrates students who have achieved a high degree of proficiency in academic English and one or more other languages by the end of their high school career.

Students can work towards achieving this honor in languages they currently study at CHHS, but can also qualify for the seal in heritage languages that they may speak and use at home. Each of our candidates has successfully completed coursework and national level exams in both languages, and has created and ably defended a portfolio of their work in their target language in front of a district panel of educators and administrators.

In addition to being awarded a medal and certificate, the recognition of attaining the New York State Seal of Biliteracy has become part of their high school transcript and will appear on the diploma awarded to these students at graduation.

Students who have earned the seal this year:

- Valeria Laborde Jadan - ENL

- Samantha Ocampo - ENL

- Stephen Castilla - Spanish

- Paulo Martinez Amezaga - Spanish

- Araxi Tejeria - Spanish

- Elizabeth von Reissig - Spanish

- Wyatt Rutishauser - French


The following students earned their seal last year, but will be recognized this year:

- Jeanne Camara - French

- Leire Chacha Bravo - ENL

- Thiago Quintana Heyn - ENL

We are so proud of you—keep up the amazing work!