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Student Ex Officio Trustee

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Meet Amelia: Board of Education Student Ex Officio

Since it’s School Board Recognition Week, we thought everyone would like to get to know a very special member of the BOE, Amelia Sackman. As the Student Ex Officio, she attends every Board meeting and provides the trustees with updates and most importantly, the student perspective.

Amelia is a lifelong Tiger. She is excited for her senior year and what the future holds. In addition to her role on the Board, she’s juggling a busy academic schedule (3 math and 2 science classes this semester!), sports, and community service. Read along to see what she had to say.

What is your role on the BOE as the Student Ex Officio?

I share what’s going on in school. The Board is excited to hear about what’s happening inside and outside of school, including games and homecoming events. They are also really interested in hearing my perspective as a student. For example, when Technology & Innovation was presented at a work session, they wanted to know how I felt about the new technology coming into the classroom. I feel like my voice is appreciated. I’m really enjoying it so far.

What have you learned after attending your first few board meetings?

After my first board meeting, I realized that the board really cares about what students have to say and they want to make our schools better for all students. With the amount of changes that they’re making to facilities and curriculum, you can tell that they care about how students will be learning.

Outside of academics, what are you involved with at school?
I’m the co-captain of the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. All of my community service is connected to school. I have been doing the stats for the Girls Varsity basketball team since my sophomore year. I helped coach the modified softball team and volunteer at the Harry Chapin Run with my team every year.

What are you looking forward to as a Senior?

I’m very excited for the CHOOSE Project. We just had our first information meeting. I’m hoping to be able to shadow at an Orthodontist office in Westchester. I think it’s a great opportunity for students to be able to experience a career they would like to pursue. 

What’s the plan for life after CHHS?

I’m planning to major in Dental Hygiene. I’ve been accepted to a few schools (West Virginia University and the University of Minnesota), so now I have to start a second application round for my major. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and branching out. Croton is a small town and I’m excited to experience a new place.

Wishing Amelia all the best in her last year at CHHS!