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7th Grade Passion Project Pageant

Passion Pursuit Pageant at PVC Middle School may seem like a tongue-twister (and it is!), but more importantly, it’s an incredible testament to “passion-based” learning – the idea that learning experiences should and can be designed to inspire curiosity, joy, and excitement. 

The “Passion Pursuit Project,” was introduced to our middle school students at the beginning of the school year, providing an entire lab period for them to explore a personal interest and present their findings to the school community.

The event featured a diverse range of projects, from sports and baking to movie technology and horseback riding. Students delved into their passions, demonstrating their knowledge and skills while engaging with the audience. The projects not only showcased the students' interests but also highlighted the valuable skills they have developed through their pursuits.

One group of students focused on their shared love for playing badminton. Ben, Ryan, and Thomas worked to instill an interest and understanding of the game amongst their peers and hope to start a club. Ben’s mom shared how excited her son has been to go to school to work on this project. “By starting with something he is passionate about, and given a structure to explore that idea, Ben has gained important skills including leadership, research, and team management,” she said.
Another group of students who enjoy baking together focused on a personal goal of wanting to eat healthier. They expressed how they prefer to eat baked goods for breakfast, but knew it wasn't the healthiest option. From there, they explored ways to bake foods that not only taste good but are also good for you. After researching the importance of protein, the girls created a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars with protein powder. Yum!

Maddie’s love for horseback riding inspired her to coordinate a field trip for her class to Skyblye Stables. She wanted her classmates to understand that “riding may seem out of reach, but it can be accessible and done recreationally.” During the field trip, students not only learned about riding but also how to care for horses.

Quinn is a self-proclaimed Marvel movie enthusiast. Movies and their special effects have come a long way since Thomas Edison introduced the idea in 1896. Quinn’s project focused on the history and evolution of movie technology. During his research, Quinn came across a conspiracy theory from the time of Thomas Jefferson regarding a controversy over an editing technique. Turns out the movie business has always been filled with juicy tidbits!

Principal Plotkin emphasized the importance of these projects in reinforcing the students' presentation skills, stating, "Our students continue to hone their presentation skills through this showcase of their work. They are prepared and excited to share information and answer questions with their school community."

The Passion Pursuit Pageant showcased the creativity and dedication of PVC Middle School students. It gave them a platform to share their passions and created a sense of community by inviting families and younger students to witness their incredible work.