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Passion Pursuit Projects at PVC

Passion Pursuit Projects PVC (Banner)

“Passion Pursuit Project” Launches at PVC Middle School

“Do we have a piano?” 

“Is there somewhere to practice martial arts?” 

“Where can I cook?” 

Tell a middle-schooler that they can work on a project based solely on their personal interest, and these are a few of the questions you would receive. We know; because we asked. 

We hope you have heard by now that the vision for Croton-Harmon Schools is centered on the idea that learning experiences should and can be designed to inspire curiosity, joy, and excitement. We call it “passion-based” learning and, at PVC, we’re finding ways to make it happen. 

Starting last Friday, the new “Passion Pursuit Project” was introduced to our middle school students — an entire lab period that allows them to explore a personal interest.

PVC Principal Mr. Plotkin and Assistant Principal Mrs. Kelly shared the information — along with their excitement — with every student in grades 5 through 8, and encouraged them to take some time to think about what they wanted to work on. This week, Mr. Plotkin and Mrs. Kelly set up a “Passion Pursuit Project” booth in the cafeteria to give students the opportunity to pose questions and talk through ideas. 

Mr. Plotkin said that he has been inspired by his discussions with students. “Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been talking about a ‘Relentless Pursuit of Passion’. And it has been so fulfilling to watch that concept come to life as they talked about their passions and we are now at the point of finding meaningful entry points to bring the passions into school” said Mr. Plotkin. “For example, being interested in video games doesn't mean that you get to sit in a room and play. Instead, students are guided towards learning how to code, create graphics, and even explore the history that is part of many of these iconic games.”

Today, students had their first "Passion Pursuit Project" period where they started working on their chosen project with the full support of their school. We are excited to see what our students will achieve and learn as they follow their passions. We’ll be checking in with our students periodically as we get closer to the first-ever “PVC Passion Pursuit Project Pageant” (say that five times fast!), and can’t wait to share the work that our students are doing with their peers.