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Veterans Day 2021

CET Students and Staff Gathering to Celebrate Our Veterans

For Veterans Day, CET Students Honor Those Who Served

This past week, our youngest students came together to pay tribute to veterans in our community, some of whom had the special privilege of having their neighbor or family member in attendance. 

On the morning of Tuesday, November 9th, the entirety of CET gathered outside the front of the building for a tribute to community veterans. Students from all grades drew American flags on pieces of paper, which they waved throughout the ceremony, and several of the older students wrote poems for the veterans, which they recited in front of the gathered crowd. After everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance, one member of the CET chorus sang the National Anthem before the entire chorus performed another song, America, I Love You, while also reciting the song through American Sign Language. 

“These veterans risked their lives to protect us, and we wanted to honor them with their own special day,” said Layton, a CET fourth-grader.

        A poem written by a CET fourth-grader

The event was organized by the CET Kindness Club, which is advised by Marlena Horton and Anna Maria Strattner and currently has 25 student members. After the singing and flag-waving concluded, students, faculty and staff were invited to have breakfast with the veterans at tables beneath a tent erected on the front lawn. All of the veterans who attended were deeply moved by the tribute and expressed their gratitude to the CET students.

“It was an honor to see the kids come out and celebrate Veterans Day,” said Bill Brindise, a Vietnam veteran who has a grandson in 1st grade at CET. “It’s very important that they learn and respect our country’s history so they can pass it on to future generations.”