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CET Welcomes Superintendent Walker

CET Classrooms Welcome Superintendent Walker - Poster Sign and a Book Reading

Superintendent Stephen Walker says that starting his day in class with our youngest learners at CET is one of the best ways to reinforce his decision to become an educator. 

“The energy and excitement in an elementary class is contagious,” said Superintendent Walker. “The amount of knowledge and skills that they are learning is absolutely incredible - you can actually see it happening as you observe the students and I give so much credit to our amazing teachers.

“But, perhaps my most significant takeaway from the classrooms is the level of respect that students show for one another and how much they celebrate their classmates' interests and accomplishments.”

Superintendent Walker joined Ms. Battista’s kindergarten class yesterday and read the book All Are Welcome.  While reading the book, Mr. Walker and the class had a discussion about what it means to feel “welcome” in school and in their classroom, and the students shared some great ways for each of them to ensure that their classmates feel welcomed each day. Mr. Walker also thanked the class for their wonderful and warm welcome to Kindergarten in CET!

Today, he joined Ms. Aviles’ first grade class for their morning meeting. Students started by introducing themselves to Mr. Walker and giving one piece of information about themselves. These fun facts ranged from how many siblings they have, to enjoying horseback riding to loving puppies.  You wouldn’t believe how many Lego lovers we have!

As the morning meeting progressed, students marked that today is the 80th day of the school year which, on their math graph, called for regrouping numbers and some counting by 10’s. The question of the day asked about a preference for drawing or painting, the results of which ended in a 9-9 tie until Mr. Walker expressed his opinion. Painting was the winner!

Students sent Mr. Walker off with a colorful welcome poster created by all that now adorns the door to his office.