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Forty-Eight CHHS Juniors Inducted into National Honor Society

national honor society

Croton-Harmon High School held its annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony Wednesday night, with CHHS seniors wholeheartedly welcoming juniors into the society that honors students for their character, service, leadership and scholarship skills.

In all, 48 juniors were inducted and introduced by upper class members. Many of the inductees were recognized for their service to others – with experience ranging from traveling to Ghana to teach students to volunteering for the Harry Chapin Run for Hunger. They were also cited for their academic achievements, their membership in clubs including the CHHS Student-Faculty Congress, and for their wide-ranging athletic abilities.

The Croton-Harmon High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is designed to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in CHHS students. Students eligible for NHS must maintain a certain grade point average, with AP courses receiving additional weight when calculating the GPA used to determine NHS eligibility. Students are also asked to verify completion of a minimum of 40 hours of service while at CHHS and to show evidence of their character and leadership.

Senior NHS officers Samantha Rubin, Raina Thomas, Francis Fedora and Elizabeth Garbarini opened the Induction ceremony, and seniors who are currently members of the NHS introduced new inductees. National Honor Society advisors are Ashley Valentine and Pam Morrison.

This year’s inductees are: Kyle Andrews, Ethan Arnone, Simon Auslander, Emma Baranowski, Nicole Bugliosi, Braden Burke, Justin Byfield, Emma Campanella, Jonathan Casieri, Eva Donahue, Ella Erskine, Alexis Fischer, Savannah Flores, Rowen Gesue, Katharine Grimes, Veronica Esther Herrero, Evan Hunter, Dionne Johnson, Joseph Landau, Andrew Leung, Kathy Li, Aidan Mayer, Maria McGarty, Julia Meyer, Jake Miller, Zarina Nagrath, Eliana Neill, Elijah North, Brandon Paterno, Samantha Perricelli, Jesse Pollak, Rosalie Ratliff, Grace Reyer, Kaitlin Reynolds, Bridget Roane, Ava Robine, Wyatt Robinson, Sasha Rozenshteyn, Isabella Rydzewski, Quinn Simmons, Jesse Singerman, Allen Sun, Lucia Vallejo, Paige Varekamp, Livia Weiner, Katherine Yurek, Juliette Zerello, and Izabel Ziemba.