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Carousel CHHS Performance

 CHHS Musical Carousel - Student Performance on CHHS Auditorium Stage

Despite Pandemic Uncertainty, CHHS Theater Department Comes Together for Spring Musical

In late January, the theater department at Croton-Harmon High School decided that, despite continuing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 regulations, they would attempt to stage a spring musical. It was extremely important to every member of the department to make a performance happen, especially for the graduating seniors, many of whom have been performing since 5th grade. 

At first, some of the faculty were on the fence about the feasibility of staging a show, but they agreed when they saw how much it meant to the students involved. It gave them something to look forward to and allowed them to come together as a group, an experience that has been sadly lacking since the beginning of the pandemic. This month, all of their hard work and planning is coming to fruition with two performances of the musical Carousel.

The cast and crew for Carousel is small, with 21 cast members and just 9 in the stage and tech crew, a few of whom also act in the show. This group includes several 8th graders from the middle school, but Producer and Co-Musical Director Sara O’Brien said that they have fit right in.

“We are a very tight-knit and welcoming group,” she said. “If you show up and are willing to work hard, we will find a place for you.”

The process of putting together a musical during a pandemic was especially complicated for the members of the crew. 

“This year, crew had to be more flexible than ever,” said Stage Crew Director Chase Itter. “They started building in April, then had to unbuild what they had made and rebuild when the show was postponed until May, but there wasn’t a single complaint. These kids came in every day from three to five and got down to it.”

There are five seniors in the cast, including Director and Co-Musical Director Michael Katzman’s son, Sam Katzman. Sam, who plays Billy Bigelow in the show, plans to participate in the theater program at SUNY Binghamton and possibly minor in theater. Mr. Katzman had this message for the graduating seniors:

“I am incredibly proud of each of you and will miss you terribly. I know that you have been looking forward to your senior musical for many years just like I have, and I’m so glad that we were able to stage this show.”

The musical will be streamed on Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 17th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase at the following URL: