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Stock Market Winners

 PVC Stock Market Winners - with Principal, Teacher and Certificates

PVC Trio Places Top 10 in New York State for SIFMA’s Stock Market Game

Each year, CHHS students compete in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game. Designed to promote financial literacy for students of all backgrounds, the program consists of tournaments at both state and national levels. The district is incredibly proud to announce that three of our students placed in the top ten for the statewide competition this year—but they weren’t high-schoolers.

PVC students Jackson, Jack and Angelo participated in the challenge as part of an independent study class taught by Mrs. Brennan. Like all participants, they began in September with $100,000 in imaginary funds and finished the game in April. Some CHHS students enrolled in business math also participated, but none had quite so much success as this middle-school trio.

While they collaborated for part of the challenge–more on that shortly—the three students made their own independent investment choices. Jackson chose to invest primarily in tech stocks, including Apple, Nokia, T-Mobile and Erikkson, the latter of which doubled in value. Jackson had actually been talking to their dad about investing throughout the competition, and now that it has ended, their dad is allowing them to manage a small portion of a real portfolio.

“[This project] never felt like work,” said Jackson. “It was really fun to research companies and make decisions about where to invest. I learned a lot about how much I needed to know about each company.”

Angelo also invested in the tech sector, but he was particularly focused on environmentally-conscious stocks. He became interested in electric vehicles once he heard of the district’s plan to bring in electric school buses, and Tesla was one of his biggest investments. Jack made quite a bit of money from Starbucks, his “wild card” stock, during the holiday season.

In addition to their individual investments, the three boys created their own ‘mutual funds made up of their chosen companies.. They presented their mutual funds to other 8th graders and the participating high school class, who then invested in one of the three funds.  All investors made consistent gains on their investment.

Mrs. Brennan, their advisor throughout the independent study, actually created her own portfolio so she could unofficially play along with them. Her portfolio didn’t fare nearly as well as any of theirs, but that’s just fine with her.

“I am so proud of these students for immersing themselves in this topic and for taking this project so seriously,” she said. “From research to presentation skills to the value of investing young, they have learned so much and strengthened their life skills.”

At the end of the competition, PVC principal Michael Plotkin presented the students with their Top 10 certificate. “You ventured into an area that was new to you, you worked hard and you found success,” he said during the presentation. “Now you have this skill that is applicable to the real world that you can carry with you for the rest of your lives.”