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Universal Prekindergarten Program (UPK)

Happy Hearts UPK Program - CHUFSD Supt. Visit

Is there any better way to wrap up the week than with a photo of the district's youngest group of Tigers smiling and engaged during a recent visit to the UPK program at Happy Hearts? Our administration team doesn't think so!

Superintendent Walker, Assistant Superintendent Harrington-Cohen and Griffiths, PPS Director DePaul and Director of Technology and Innovation Dr. Blair had the privilege to engage with our UPK students and experience their program. As the district continues to work on its 2022-23 school year budget and discuss the future of learning, theses visits provide important information. And, as you can see from the photo with Mr. Walker, they certainly make us smile! 😃😃

"Getting the chance to visit out newest Tigers at the UPK program at Happy Hearts brought joy to me and the entire central administration, " said Superintendent Walker. "The smiles on the faces of these wonderful young children make some look forward to the opportunity to watch them grow and learn for years to come."

For those interested in the UPK program, please see the information on our website:
A reminder that submissions are due by March 31st.