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Congratulations Shoshana Daly

Shoshana Daly - CHHS

The Croton-Harmon schools are extremely proud of CHHS senior Shoshana Daly for her recent participation in the Regeneron Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF) where she received 2nd place in the biochemistry category, as well as the Dr. Rhea Jezer Energy21 Student Scholar Award.

Shoshana has long held an interest in science, with a particular focus on climate change. She began participating in environmental activism her freshman year at CHHS. In that vein, her research focused on the development of industrially viable fossil fuel alternatives, specifically biodiesel.

“Climate change was and still is one of my foremost concerns so I wanted to do a project that addressed it,” said Shoshana. “At first I researched many different renewable energies such as solar, wind, and biofuel. However, I also find biology fascinating and I wanted to incorporate it into my project so I started focusing specifically on the enzymatic production of biofuel.”

Shoshana noted that solar and wind require new infrastructure to produce and use energy whereas biodiesel can be used in existing infrastructure (most trucks, barges and trains) and “can serve as a bridge to tie society over until more long lasting solutions could be installed.”

This is Shoshana’s third year participating in the CHHS science research program which is currently taught by Mr. Keehn. She intends to pursue a major in biochemistry on a pre-med track when she attends college this fall.

Please join us in congratulating Shoshana on all she has accomplished through her hard work, as well as this well-deserved recognition!