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Community Update

October 7, 2022

Dear Croton-Harmon Community:

As we enter the second month of this school year (already!), the Tigers are fresh off of a celebratory Homecoming Week at CHHS, learning more about the members of their unique Houses at CET, and looking forward to the completion of the re-envisioned Library space at PVC.  There is so much to feel great about in our schools!

As school leaders, we believe we have an imperative to be proactive and forward-thinking about all that we do, and that this orientation toward the future includes considering the facilities in which teaching and learning takes place.  As you know, a large group of stakeholders from across the school district community, the Future Facilities Planning Team, has worked to design a proposed capital project, which is intended to do three things: 

1. address infrastructure areas which have been noted through the New York State 

Building Condition Survey process; 

2. envision ways to enhance our facilities at all three of our schools and athletic complex for our current and future Tiger students, staff members, and our community; 

3. accomplish the first two priorities in a tax neutral fashion, without the need to raise any additional taxes as a result of this project.

We are very proud of the work of the Future Facilities Planning Team and are thankful for their focus on “The Tigers of Today and Tomorrow.”

In the weeks leading up to the planned community vote on December 13, we will be sharing information about the proposed project through a variety of sources, including video, facility tours, online and hard-copy materials, a newsletter, and our website.  For those who will be attending the Village’s Fall Fest this Saturday, October 8, please find the table hosted by the Board of Education, as they will be distributing flyers with information about the project.  These flyers will also be available in businesses throughout the community, and at the Welcome Center at each of our schools.  

Additionally, we have issued a press release related to the project, and I look forward to sharing more information about upcoming opportunities to further discuss the project in the newest Superintendent’s Video Update to be released in the next few days.  

Thank you very much for your time, interest, and consideration of this project.  As always, if you have any questions about this communication, or about anything related to our wonderful schools, please feel free to contact me directly.

With Tiger Pride,