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Class of 2023 Val and Sal

CHHS Class of 2023 Val and Sal

Meet the Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Croton-Harmon High School Class of 2023

Being named valedictorian or salutatorian is the crowning academic achievement of an extremely successful high school career. Beyond their studies, the young women who have earned these titles for the Croton-Harmon High School Class of 2023 have accomplished much and made important contributions to their school and the greater Croton community. We are proud to share that our Valedictorian is Madelyn (Maddie) Boglioli and our Salutatorian is Hanna Ranis.

Principal Laura Dubak shared the news with Maddie and Hanna, and gave them something to remember their achievements. They each received a silver bracelet with an inscription reading: “Kind heart, fierce mind, brave soul.” Dubak said those phrases describe both of them, and she said they’ve created “spheres of influence” to impact others. They were also given the book, 100 Inspirational Quotes, by Maya Angelou. To mark this memorable occasion, Superintendent Stephen Walker, Assistant Principal Mark Maxam, and Senior Class Advisor Erica Fiorini, in addition to school counselors and other members of the administration, were in attendance. 

As Maddie looks ahead to college she believes she would like to study biology, with the long-term goal of going to medical school. At this time, like many of her classmates, she is waiting to hear back from colleges and then will decide where she will go. Maddie enjoys being a learner, in and outside of the classroom. She recently co-presented (along with three college professors) a workshop entitled, Empower Students by Helping them Establish a Growth Mindset, at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics of New York City 2022 Annual Fall Math Conference at Hunter College.

“Academically, I strive for excellence and I enjoy challenging myself. Recently, I was proud to be selected to the Perry Initiative, a highly-selective career exploration program for young women interested in careers in orthopedic surgery and engineering,” said Maddie. “I am also dedicated to giving back to my community, especially through my work with Croton Caring.”

Extracurricularly, Maddie has been captain of varsity soccer, editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, secretary of both National Honor Society and Student Faculty Congress, and has participated in a number of other clubs and organizations. She has also worked since she was fourteen years old and holds three jobs. Her volunteerism for Croton Caring goes back to her time in elementary school and, at this time, she has volunteered more than 800 hours and has served as a student board member for the last two years. 

Hanna is going to attend Bates College in Maine in the fall. She hopes to study political science and history, and possibly environmental studies. Hanna says she has loved the social science classes at CHHS, such as AP Comparative Government, Inhumanities Facing History, AP US History, and Protests and Revolutions. “These classes have pushed me to think in a deeper way about the past and to understand the importance of contributing to the global community that each of us is a part of. I really appreciate how open my teachers have been to help me explore course content in meaningful ways that stretch beyond what happens in the classroom. Their mentorship and constant support sparked my interest in many different interdisciplinary areas and inspired me to want to be a lifelong learner.”

Of course, Hanna’s school life doesn’t end with classes. She participates in a number of extracurricular activities including Model UN, Women’s Empowerment Club, and Student Activism Club. “I have met amazing friends and mentors through these clubs and have learned firsthand the power of community outreach.” She’s also done fencing, yoga, and jewelry making throughout high school.

Maddie says the teachers at Croton have been important to her. “Croton-Harmon Schools provide an atmosphere where teachers take the time to get to know their students and provide many opportunities for students to succeed.”

Asked if there was anyone she would like to thank, Maddie said the Croton faculty, and specifically Ms. McConville, Ms. Ballina, and Ms. Glazenburg. She also said, “I would like to thank my parents for teaching me the value of hard work and instilling in me a commitment to service in my community. I would like to thank my grandfather for teaching me the importance of a good education and always being the first to congratulate me on my achievements, regardless of how insignificant.”

Asked the same question, Hanna said, “There are so many people who have supported me throughout my high school and earlier years. The conversations and loving support that started with my parents, brother Sasha, and amazing extended family laid the groundwork for me to be curious and open-minded in the classroom and beyond.” And she said throughout her years at CHHS, she has“come to rely on a huge network of support that includes Ms. Nadeem, Ms. Tracy, Mr. Bohuniek, Mr. Naughton, Mr. Lindner, and so many others. I am incredibly grateful to all of the people whose teaching, mentorship, leadership, passion, and humor I have learned so much from.”

Upon learning that they were the Class of ‘23 valedictorian and salutatorian, Superintendent Walker gave Maddie and Hanna a little advice. “Please take a moment to reflect on and enjoy this moment. Know how proud we are of you, and that you’ve truly made an impact on this community.  We hope that this moment, and this recognition, are something you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.”