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PVC Project Adventure Trip

Project Adventure Activities Cooperative Activities

Project Adventure Trip Builds PVC Students’ Teamwork, Problem-Solving Skills

Sixth- and seventh-graders from Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School recently took part in an exciting outdoor field trip at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center (TOEC) in Cold Spring, New York. Over the course of the two days, the students completed various problem-solving and team-building activities in groups, all while enjoying the natural beauty of the TOEC.

This field trip was part of the Project Adventure Programs, which are designed to increase students’ feelings of personal confidence, improve agility and coordination, and generally build joy in one’s physical self and in being with others. The activities, which included a rope swing, red light green light and a ‘yeti walk’, challenged students’ decision-making, reasoning and interpersonal skills. These kinds of challenges promote problem-solving through critical thinking, which is a key component of the CHUFSD’s Profile of a Graduate. At the same time, they were also a ton of fun for the students.

“The most excitivity activity for me was the tank and commander game,” said one student. “The game was simple, but since I was blindfolded, I had to completely rely on my partner.”

After the trip, science classes discussed the importance of group work in science as well as the need to practice accountability and interdependence when working toward a group goal. Students also expressed the joy of helping their group overcome obstacles along with their frustration when particular challenges didn’t go as well. They then reflected on how moments of difficulty or disappointment can provide opportunities for personal growth throughout life.

As an educator during the COVID era, nothing is as important as giving students the opportunity to work collaboratively and build stronger connections with one another,” said PVC science teacher Ian Gallagher, who organized the field trip and had even attended the Project Adventure program as a student. “These activities also help to build and strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills.”

When asked what advice they would give to students going on this trip in the future, one student had this to say:

“Make sure that you are patient and listen to what other people have to say, because maybe (this might be hard to admit to yourself), their idea might be better than yours.”