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Environmental Stewardship

Solar Panels on CHHS Rooftop

CHUFSD Continues Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

A core value within the Croton-on-Hudson community is a commitment to sustainability, including strategies to reduce carbon emissions. This value has become embedded in the Croton-Harmon Schools through curriculum, facilities management, advisory committees, clubs, student government, and the district’s approach to transportation and refuse disposal.

The district is living its commitment to the reduction of emissions through the installation of roof-mounted solar panels on each of the schools, an initiative that will be completed in the coming months. The adoption of solar energy is part of the district's Energy Performance Contract, a $3.425 million initiative that is entirely funded by guaranteed energy savings. In addition to eliminating more than 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year, the project will yield savings of more than $1,000,000 in net revenue for school district use through the project term.

In addition, Croton-Harmon Schools are participating in the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) Tree Power Program, part of NYPA’s larger sustainability plan, which aims to increase natural carbon storage, native biodiversity, and building energy efficiency. This program enhances tree plantings among NYPA customers by providing one tree free-of-charge for each tree ordered through the program.

“We are proud to participate in NYPA’s Tree Power Program, which aligns with our vision for energy efficiency, decarbonization, and environmental stewardship,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Denise Harrington-Cohen. 

The district has selected native trees that include Allegheny Serviceberry, River Birch, Eastern Redbud and Red Maple due to their high carbon sequestration rates. The trees will be planted at all three buildings and deliveries will be received in the Fall of 2022.

Finally, stay tuned for further information regarding the arrival of the district’s first 66-passenger electric school bus, which is slated to be delivered later in September!