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School Board Recognition Week 2022

During this School Board Recognition Week, we extend our appreciation to our School Board for their hard work and leadership! Watch the 2022 appreciation video!

(CHUFSD BOE Trustees Left to Right: Ana Teague, Vice President Neal Haber, Omar Mayyasi, President Sarah Carrier, Theo Oshiro, Mary Obermeier, and Joshua Diamond.)

School Boards and their trustees plant the seeds of success for schools and our communities.  They have an extraordinary dedication to our public schools, and our School Board demonstrates their care for our schools, students, and staff members by devoting countless hours of their time to provide leadership for our school district.  

The Board works closely with parents, education professionals, and community members to create the educational vision we want for our students, and in doing so, they chart the course for an exceptional and equitable educational program for all students. Their focus is always on the success of the children in our district.

Please take a moment this week to share your appreciation for our School Board members for caring about our children and giving so much to our community!