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Unity Day 2022

CHUFSD Unity Day 2022

Unity Day Leads to Important Discussions and Acts of Kindness

Kindness. Inclusion. Upstander  These are just a few of the many words that are being discussed with students of all ages on this Unity Day across the Croton-Harmon schools.

The signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month, this national effort seeks to deliver the message to unite for kindness, courage, and inclusion, and to prevent students from being bullied. Showing their commitment to the cause, students overwhelmingly wore orange to school, the signature color of the day.

A variety of projects were undertaken at CET to help students understand the importance of being kind to other people and respecting one another’s differences. In Ms. Carlucci’s kindergarten class, students decorated a cut-out person. These ‘people’ - each unique - will be strung together and hung in the hallway to demonstrate the community of the entire kindergarten class. Other grades read the book “Friend Shape” and were doing related projects. Speaking of friends, Ms. Strattner’s fourth graders created a rainbow in which each color held a reaffirming message from a classmate. Students interacted with one another sharing these messages, including ‘you’re amazing,” “you shine,” “you’re funny,” and even “I hope we can be better friends.”

At PVC, each student participated in their Advisory Group to consider the impact of bullying and the importance of being an upstander. Principal Plotkin led his group in this discussion prompted by a quote from Hogwart’s Headmaster Albus Dumbledore: “It takes great bravery to stand up to our enemies but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

One student shared that “you have to have confidence to stand up to a friend but then the person being bullied will see that you have that confidence and maybe get some as well.” Mr. Plotkin followed up that observation by saying that if enough people stand up to bullies you start to create a culture where they know that behavior is unacceptable. The Advisory meetings continue throughout this week.

The commitment to unity and kindness was on display at CHHS, too. Faculty and students wore orange and students were asked to contribute to a banner stating what unity means to them.  Many used the word ‘together’ to show the importance of their community. We particularly like one statement that “We are an absolute unit!”

Thanks to all those who participated in this special and important day. #UnityDay #Kindnessmatters