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6th Grade Visits Outdoor Education Center

Taconic Edu Center 2022 PVC 6th Grade
PVC 6th Grade Trip to Taconic Outdoor Education Center

A spectacular fall day at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center provided the ideal setting for a day in the woods where students engaged in a variety of exercises to learn about the importance of teamwork, communications and collaboration, all attributes of the Profile of a Graduate.
In one exercise, leaders told students that they had to swing over the imagined lava and assist their friend with a broken arm. The swinging proved to be relatively easy but when more than 10 students found themselves all vying for space on the same small platform, there was some planning to be done. They were successful after a couple of tries.
Leaving the platform, one participant said, “We’re learning about teamwork and that we need to listen to one another. IF we all try to do the same thing at once, it's not going to work.”
It seems that the favorite event of the day was the Tank Game in which a blindfolded student moved and launched balls at their competitors based on the direction of their partner.
“This is so much fun and you use a lot of energy,” explained one student. Her partners added, “You need to trust your partner and pay really close attention.”
The entire sixth grade class participated in this trip. We thank the teachers, chaperones and our friends at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center for creating such a great experience.