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Public/Student Records

Policy on Access to Public or Student Records

The documents and records maintained by a public agency are available for inspection by the public and copies may be obtained at a reasonable cost (25 cents per page or actual reproduction costs). Certain types of records are exempt from the disclosure such as:

The following persons are designated as Records Access Officers for the records specified:   

Anyone wishing to inspect any school records should make a request to the appropriate person designated above. Approval for access or denial of access with stated reasons will be provided within five school days. Any person denied access to a record has a right to appeal the denial in writing to the Superintendent of Schools. The appeal may be made within 30 days of denial of access. The full procedure regarding access to district and student records is posted in each building and copies are available from the district office.

All Records Access Officers and the Appeal Officer can be reached by calling 271-4793

  1. Those which would constitute an invasion of privacy, including personnel records. Students’ records are available only to the parents or the guardian, the student who is over 18, any person the parent or student chooses to have see them, appropriate school personnel, and certain governmental agencies.
  2. Those which could impair contract or collective bargaining negotiations.
  3. Those whose disclosure would interfere with judicial proceedings.
  4. Those which could endanger the life or safety of any person.
  5. Examination questions or answers prior to administration.
  6. Principal, CET, student records grades K – 4 and all documents maintained at CET.  
  7. Principal, PVC, student records grades 5 – 8 and all documents maintained at PVC.
  8. Principal, CHHS, student records grades 9 – 12 and all documents maintained at the CHHS.
  9. Assistant Superintendent for Business, District Office, student and district records.
  10. Pertaining to special education, census, attendance, and pupil personnel services.
  11. District Clerk, District Office records and documents.